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Danabol: post cycle therapy

Danabol post cycle therapy

What is PCT? This is a special time to recover faster, reduce losses and take care of your overall health. After a course of treatment, after a course of steroids, nothing else happens with the help of special drugs, only the level of hormones normalizes.

Examples that affect your results after a course of anabolic steroids

  • Dose and number of drugs per course = withdrawal after a course is so high;
  • The longer the course, the greater the weight loss;
  • Of course, lowest dose = lowest loss (but least benefit);
  • The longer the interval between courses = the fresher your body is.

Dianabol, or more commonly known as methane, first appeared on the U.S. market in 1958. Due to its longevity, the drug has gained popularity worldwide, mainly due to its low cost and effectiveness. Its active substance is methandrostenolone. Each tablet contains 10 mg. It is especially popular with bodybuilders, weightlifters and weightlifters.

Admission rules

Admission rules

There are two types of drugs – oral and injectable. The latter possibility is very rare and rare among athletes.

Beginners are advised not to eat 10 mg (1 tablet) daily and to monitor their response to steroids. If all goes well and there is no contraction, the dose can be increased to 20-30 mg in 7-8 weeks. It should be noted that the daily dose should not exceed 50 mg (5 tablets).

The elimination half-life of Danabol is 3-5 hours. During those times, it should be like entry time. This will help keep your hormones in balance. Medications are best taken after a meal, as the liver absorbs toxins more easily.

Cycle processing

Cycle processing

After taking anabolic steroids, treatment is given for 2 or 3 days after cycling. Tamoxifen 10-20 mg per day or Clomid – 25-50 mg per day for 3-4 weeks. The dose should be reduced slightly over the last week and then stopped completely. Testosterone, zinc and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are produced during such treatment.

Such treatment is necessary to restore testosterone synthesis; sports nutrition is also used.

Dianabol – Metandienone

Dianabol - Metandienone

Danabol, or simply methane, is used by athletes to increase muscle mass. By taking classes using Danabol, protein production increases, which helps with weight gain. With proper exercise, proper exercise and nutrition, the athlete can lift from 7 to 11 kilos. muscle mass. The effective time of the medication on the body is about 3 weeks, and there will also be a significant increase in strength, which will allow you to make your workouts more effective.
However, it is important to note that when the active ingredient of the drug stops in the body, there will be a slight weight loss due to Danabol’s ability to retain water in the body and its components. Its mass consists of liquid. You will lose about 3-4 kg. This effect can be avoided if the dose is gradually reduced during the course. Based on many of these positive characteristics, Danabol is a must purchase for those who want to try their first steroid addiction or who have received professional training and want to incorporate Danabol into their courses along with other steroids.

Рositive traits

Рositive traits

Danabol is a very powerful oral steroid that is widely used in bodybuilding and sports. It is effective to use when an athlete needs to build muscle and gain weight in a short time. The oral drug Danabol contains a completely new active product derived from some specific methandienone. The bike has become quite powerful and effective, so many athletes use it to find the perfect muscle.

Нow to take Danabol

Нow to take Danabol

Before use, note what target you intend and consult experts on individual doses and course length.

The duration of the course is approximately eight to ten weeks. The average recommended daily dose is about 30 mg. – 50mg. Separate mandatory applications within a day. So (30 mg per day – 3 tablets of 10 mg each, we divide the drink 3 times a day).

Danabol can be combined with any testosterone -based medication. Such a compound will provide good muscle performance, help increase strength in the athlete’s body and improve metabolism.
Sustanon can be used as an androgen drug. Both drugs will increase each other’s activity and help the body achieve new achievements and effective development. Physical performance in such a cycle will be better than a person before taking steroid drugs.